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Collection: Natural Helena Sapphire

Natural Helena Sapphire purchased from an exclusive collector in Northern California. This material is outstanding even though cut as micro stones. The largest is around .65 ct.

All NATURAL ZERO HEATING, they come with a high price because they are perfect without enhancement or treatment!

Packing a punchy sparkle of blues, greens, pinks, and yellows.  This type of sapphire is a - US gemstone and super power! These superstars are so twinkly bright humanity has been signing about it since eternity, and nursery rhymes were spawn. The hardness of this stone makes the perfect accent to your creation. Microscope videos upon serious buyers request. The color transitions are quite amazing from green to blue.

People are generally unaware of the sapphires that come from Montana. These Montana gems have been mined for many years, in the beginning as industrial use. After developing heat-treating, the quality of these gems were improved to compete with world markets such as contenders in the gem world. The color of most of the Montana sapphires isn’t the typical deep blue that you see from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, or Australia typically in the chain jewelry stores.


Pick up a pair for your hand crafted goods and make them stand out! 


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